About Us

About Us

Having been a lover of fragrance from a tender age, I was spoilt with new fragrances whenever I would run low. There are smells that take me on a journey to my childhood. To this day, whenever I smell a clean lavender scent it takes me back to my mother picking lavender in the garden to brew me some tea to nurse me back to health.

Having bought some scents such as Diesel - Fuel for life and Gucci - Guilty I started to find many others were the same as me. Liking Dior's Sauvage when smell it at the department store knowing that I have smelt in on at least 6 people on my way there. I wanted to be more unique...

That's when it started... Al Haramain's - Attar Al Kabba. A smell that was unlike I have ever smelled. Strong, repulsed from shock, then coming in for another sniff. This is where I fell in love with attars.

Forward to today, going from purchasing these scents for personal use to now purchasing in bulk to spread the smells that are unique, daring (at times!) and sublime. Over the last 4 years it was a passion project but now it has become so much more.

Launching the site with over 400 products, this is just the beginning.

We look forward to dealing with you.